2020:Journey Of a New Mother

Vishnu Priya
3 min readApr 27, 2021


Dear Reader,

Thanks for stopping by. Let me alert you before you read any further. This write-up is partly a rant, partly me journaling my epiphanies about my experiences on the world’s greatest commitment-MOTHERHOOD. If this topic sounds unexciting, then let me assure you that at the end of this essay you would, at the very least, be able to relate to what I say. So stay with me.

image source: Pixabay

Understanding Commitment

On 29–3–2020 the world changed completely as I knew it all the time. Till that time, I was not serious about the world around me and many times I have felt that my life has no purpose. But this attitude changed when I became a mother. Seeing a pair of neonates(Yes. I am blessed with twins) completely depending ONLY on me for their bare survival gave me the purpose of LIFE in various levels. Needless to say here that I was excited, emotional and was filled with gratitude soon after becoming a mother. But Life had other plans in store for me.

Big Troubles come in small packages

As I am a ‘housewife’, I was available for my kids round the clock. Since it was a new experience for me then, I was not complaining too. But this became difficult when this was my only job day in and day out. This is when I slowly removed myself from my normal habits and became very moody. I was not talking to anybody, not even responding if I am engaged in any conversations…. This is the start of a new phase in my life. I saw a different me. This is when my support system(my family) stood by me and helped me to overcome my POSTPARTUM depression. Yes. Mental illness is a real issue and the harmony of a family is based on each and everyone’s mental health.

Maa- She is Everything

My life can be divided into two parts. pre-depression stage and post- depression stage. During my pre- depression stage I never cared or even tried to appreciate people who did everything for me.Particularly Maa. She was a housewife too. Her role in the family was to take all the responsibilities on her without budging. Her actions were not appreciated by anybody. When I say ‘appreciation’ I don’t mean organizing a function and felicitating honors on a person… just tending to their needs at the right time is a sort of appreciation too. Agree? Post depression that is what I practice.

From being an excited new mom to being a person with depression, MOTHERHOOD has taught me that life is not a place where we look to better ourselves than the previous day but Life is a mixed bag of goodies like sadness, happiness, excitement and embarrassment and we are carrier of all these emotions and memories till we live here.